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About Us

Welcome to isurvivalgear.com! We specialize in survival gear, prepper's gear and kits, tents, camping gear, etc. We have been around since 2007 and started off selling items on Ebay. Now we've grown into what we are today; One of the largest online Survival gear stores.

Since 1980, weather disasters around the world have more than tripled. Names like Sandy, and Katrina bring back troubling memories. In 2011 alone, Severe storms created more than 50 billion dollars in damages. More damage than from all the storms in the 1980's combined. Whatever the cause, the severity and unpredictability has changed, for the worse. Not surprisingly, weather related power outages have changed as well, both in frequency and duration. Prolonged power outages are increasingly becoming the norm, We used to call these major storms "100 year" storms. These days, they seem to becoming more of an annual event!

Catastrophe's have hit our country hard in the past 2 decades. Things have happened to America that we never thought would happen. Things like 9/11. Killing thousands of people and creating chaos around the entire country,  You just never know what can happen anymore, and the more assurances you have that you are prepared for any disaster, the more peace of mind you will have.

The team at iSurvivalGear.com is passionate to help you prepare for disasters, emergencies or life. Thank you for visiting our site and trusting us to offer you quality survival gear products.

All the best,

The iSurvivalGear.com team


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