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Survival Gear & Products

NOTE: We only accept credit card and debit card payments through AUTHORIZE.net due to security risks. Authorize.net has the best security suite available to protect YOU from any risk or threats. iSurvivalgear is a Veteran-owned and operated company with a huge background in survival training and military tactics. Our staff is dedicated to providing the widest selection of survival gear and outdoor equipment and best customer service on the web. We cater to all those who want to be prepared in case of emergency, and provide all the necessary items to be just that. We look forward to doing business with you and hope you are proud to be buying from a reputable company in the USA!

Preparing for an Emergency

Life is unpredictable. For the most part this uncertainty isn’t a bad thing, but it is always good to be prepared. At iSurvivalGear.com we understand the dangers that can arise—often without warning. For this reason our online store distributes only the very best in survival gear and products. We offer everything you may need should an emergency arise.

Is your family safe? With the recent upswing in natural disasters all across the country, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, it’s a smart time to be prepared. These types of disasters (not to mention the possibility of a terrorist attack) can cause lengthy power outages and riots, and can isolate your household from water, help, and food. We hope it never happens, but should disaster strike, you'll be glad you were prepared and ready.

Survival Gear, Outdoor Equipment, Camping Supplies, & More

Our store features a wide variety of survival gear and supplies for any situation and budget. We carry a complete line of survival gear, camping gear, hunting and fishing supplies, personal protection equipment, tactical gear, survival knives, marine communications equipment, prepper gear and supplies, survival kits, and much, much, more.

iSurvivalGear can also supply the food you’ll need to subsist if there aren’t any other food options available. These meals have a 25 year shelf life and come in a variety of sizes and meal types. If you’re unsure which cuisines you might like, many of our customers purchase less expensive sample kits to try before they buy the bulk supply products.

And our shop is filled with many other types of survival gear including preparedness seeds, hygiene kits, first aid kits, and much more. If disaster strikes, or you just want to be prepared, you can have it all when you shop right here at isurvivalgear!